Mumbai author Harshada Pathare redefines creativity with her groundbreaking content

Harshada Pathare

Harshada is an established influencer with a rebellious spirit, inspiring others to express their creativity flexibly and unconventionally.

Harshada believes that movement and cognition are interconnected and that walking can enhance creativity and cognitive skills. Stanford researchers conducted a study called “Give Your Ideas Some Legs,” in which they divided participants into two groups and gave them a divergent creativity test. The group that walked before the test scored on average 60 percent higher than the group that sat for an hour before taking the test. Harshada suggests that if someone is feeling stuck, physically moving to a different place can help them get unstuck. 

As a creative individual, Harshada does not limit herself to a particular genre. She is insightful and inspirational and weaves real-life experiences into captivating stories. Her ability to connect with her audience while adding her magic twist has contributed to her success.

Harshada’s talents extend beyond storytelling, as she also advocates for the therapeutic benefits of writing. With over 260 million people worldwide suffering from depression, according to the World Health Organization, Harshada believes that writing is a powerful tool for coping with mental health issues. She suggests using paper writing, diary writing, and expressive writing or journaling to express emotions, relieve stress, increase concentration, and even have positive effects on blood pressure and liver disease.  

Harshada’s work spans from poetry anthologies to her debut novel, The Following – Dec 2022, and her podcast RETHINK is available on Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music. Those seeking a fresh perspective on creativity and productivity, or those looking to improve their mental health, should definitely check out Harshada Pathare’s work. She is an inspiring and innovative influencer who challenges conventional thinking and encourages others to explore their creativity in unconventional ways.

Do check out her website for more.

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